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  1. Woohoo! Mine is working great again! Same for you all, I hope.
  2. Thanks everybody! I'll be looking forward to the new version of the web app. Until then I'll just manage.
  3. I don't think so... my dad runs an internet radio so we have a really good connection. And it doesn't eventually load up or anything either like I would assume it would if it was just a slow connection. Also, I am unable to effectively put new notes into various notebooks (because of blank pop-down box) so I would imagine that wouldn't be because of connection either.
  4. I really like the web version of Evernote, but lately, I've been running into a problem. My notebooks won't show when I try to look at them! While the notes section is still working fine I have to scroll through dozens of notes just to reach the one I want or search for it every time, despite knowing exactly where it is if I could only access the notebook. When I click to view my notebooks, sometimes if I refresh or restart the web app it will show the first 3 to 6 notebooks, but the moment I try to navigate the notebook section they all disappear. I've restarted my laptop, the web app, logged
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