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  1. Same here, same version. The issue is intermittent; sometimes it works and restarting fixes it, sometimes it does not fix it (I tested this in two machines; in one it DID fix it, in the other, it did not, and tried a couple of times; same version in both, 10.4.4). Gabe
  2. This being a Premium and not a Free or at least EN-Plus feature is a terrible, terrible thing. I was willing to pay and I payed some months ago for a yearly subscription of Plus, as I didn't need all the Premium functionalities; I'm paying for Premium just once to grab the previous version of a note I lost because Evernote Crashed while editing a note and didn't let me undo the changes. I'm using the remainder of my yearly subscription to migrate off EN and shutdown my account. The service was great, but stagnated 2 years ago. I got to rely a lot on the tool and supported you regarless of the sudden charge on fees for things that I didn't deem appropriate when you made the switch a couple of months ago; but this is just ridiculous.
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