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  1. Hi. From memory I did a backup of my notes - it must have been on the app, because I there isn't an option on the web page (I don't have the gnotes app installed any more). I would have extracted the contents of the backup into /tmp/gnotes (Linux) and run the script. I then would have imported the note files using the Import Folders feature. I may have done a fair bit of fiddling around with notes manually. I did all of this 2 1/2 years ago so my memory of how I did this isn't good, but I did manage to install lecture notes from several years back into Evernote.
  2. Hi. I managed to do this by exporting all of my GNotes notes, writing a program that strips HTML tags then importing the notes using the Import Folders feature. Had to re-create all of the notebooks (Evernote didn't create notebooks out of directories in the Import Folder). Rather laborious but I've done it now! The only niggle is that Evernote uses the first line of the note as the title, and does not remove the first line of the note. A minor irritation. I couldn't find a way around this. If anyone is interested, here is the code (in bash): #!/bin/bash # Must be run i
  3. I have been using GNotes (gnotes.me) for several years and wish to change to Evernote (there's no Win10 app for GNotes and their tech support email seems to be down). It is possible to export all my gnotes notes into the same folder structure, but if I import the folder, evernote only imports the .html file - not the entire tree. GNotes does use a similar notebook/note structure to evernote.
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