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  1. Hi, I greatly appreciate both your inputs. I perform the scans in an app called, 'Evernote Scannable' and I wish to save them as a pdf. The document is only 25.2MB and I had issues with it allowing me to save originally - I came back to it shortly after and fortunately it then gave me a few other options in which I then chose to email it and as the file was too large, then email drop instead of the standard means. I received a the email with a link and then it allowed me to save as a PDF. Everything seems good at the moment Thanks Nick
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Plus membership and am new to Evernote. I scanned a 38 page file and cannot save it as a PDF - it says the scan is to big for my account. I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help me out so I scan scan my documents. Best Regards Nick
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