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  1. Also having the same problem. I had been using NotesPlus (the paid version, wich doesn't cost much). It might solve your problems until someone from Evernote/Penultimate read their discussion board and give us any reply. I'm listing the reasons why I'm still with NotesPlus: It produces neat notes Provides the approximation writing (zoom) AND move the writing box automatically Offers palm rejection when using approximation writing box (so people don't need to have a Bluetooth stylus), Lots of pen styles, colors (+ opacity), Easily import and export pdf notes/documents without limit for the number of pages. Also very easy to get pdfs from your google drive with the app. I download pdf books and read them with the app so I can take notes and highlight things very easy (including exporting just the pages I want to my peers) Downside: Hurts the iPad performance, it gets slow when you start having a lot of notes. Not a lot of improvements Hope this provides some help to the users, and maybe some nice ideas for improvements to Evernote/Penultimate.
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