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  1. I did uninstall and reinstall Evernote 5 days ago. That might have done the trick. So far I haven't seen notes move into "My Notebook." Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully this closes the incident
  2. Here's a screen shot. There should only be 1 notell in my notebook
  3. I've been using Evernote free edition for years, mainly on my Android phone but also on a Win7 laptop. I have about 10 notebooks, maybe 150 notes in total. I have noticed recently that notes I have created in specific notebooks are showing up in "My Notebook," which is my default notebook. While I have updated the content in these notes I have not done anything else to move them from their notebooks. Yet they still move themselves from where they are to "My Notebook" I have tried to move them back to the notebooks I want and sync with the server. I verify that after the sync they're where I want them, and yet the next time I come in they'll be back in "My Notebook." I have created new notes in notebooks other than "My Notebook" and seen them migrate to "My Notebook." It seems that activity on the note causes it to move. I stopped using Evernote on my laptop to see if the relocation had anything to do with multiple clients but it didn't make any difference. The behavior persisted even when it was just me on my Droid. I dumped Activity logs before I reset the notes, after I moved the notes back and synced, and then after the notes had auto-moved back to "My Notebook" to see if I could diff them and see what was happening. Nothing jumped out at me. I googled and found out how to submit a bug report. I submitted this problem and included the last activity log, which included all the testing I did. I guess only paying customers can submit bugs. I got a nice email back that said "go use the forums," so here I am. Does anybody here have similar experience with notes moving by themselves to "My Notebook" or their default notebook? Is this a known problem, hopefully with a simple solution? Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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