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  1. I really like Evernote, but writing notes which include headings is really frustrating and basically the only reason I started thinking about moving to another product. Yes - it's slowing me down that much. I know there is a workaround - I can format every heading manually by selecting bigger font size and bold option, but then when I hit enter and continue with writing a paragraph underneath, Evernote proceeds with the selected formatting, so I have to pick a smaller font size and uncheck bold text option again. I have even tried thinks like AutoHotkey scripts, but it's still far away from the ideal state. Every text writing tool has this option, please have it too! Expected behavior Similar behavior to Google Docs or Confluence would be nice, i.e. Following formatting options available in the formatting toolbar: Paragprah H1 H2 H3 When writing of a heading is finished and enter is hit (new line), formatting is automatically switched to paragraph option
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