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  1. well im moving all my bookmarks to evernote now so i wont use anything else and once the page is in evernote maybe its even ok if its gone from the web. i wouldnt run update more then once a year anyway. i was just thinking to make the yearly check a bit easier with a few clicks somewhere but no matter, if i do it manualy ill get rid of some older useless stuff anyway. thanks for reply chicha
  2. hi i dont know if this has been already asked in the forum. i use evernote as my bookmark tool and i have a ton of saved webpages in it. i cannot find an option to "check" the saved webpages, sometimes after a long time, since i really have some over 10 years old stuff, they are no longer online or the contents have changed and so on, and for a number of these pages i would like to run an update, automated, without me going to each website and clipping it again. so is there such an option ? or what would you suggest ? Br chicha
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