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  1. Lately, there's a lot of saving/syncing issue between server and the web client, which causes duplication of a note in bit and pieces. The latest error causes 13 copies and I have to go through each one to find the latest one to continue. This causes a lot of maintenance, not just to find the latest but also the need to delete the non-latest ones. I also suspect unnecessary bandwidth is also wasted.
  2. +5, since I've been waiting for it for 5 yrs... where's the vote button?
  3. Cannot install application in my work PC, so I'm forced to use evernote web, so I'm missing tons of features. And for the desktop version, it would be useful to store/sync only requested notes, I just prefer to keep things in cloud...
  4. I use evernote web with web clipper, most of the time, things go well. But once in awhile, the image used in note's link is totally wrong, and I cannot fix that even I delete that image in the note, very frustrated. Started from awhile back, I have to refresh the whole page to get the newly clipped notes.
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