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  1. So I was logged out sometime in the past 2 hours, sorry folks my thoughts regarding Wipr definitely seem to be nonsense.
  2. Hmm, disappointing. I'm still signed in at this point after removing wipr but based on your experience I'm not too hopeful.
  3. Just out of curiosity, how many of you having this issue are using 'content blockers' on safari (like "Wipr")? I've been getting CSRF token errors on other sites like Scientific America with Wipr installed, once I uninstalled it and turned AdBlock and Ghostery back on I stopped getting the CSRF token errors and thus far, after 8 hours, Evernote is still logged in. The behavior seems to indicate that Wipr is resetting cookies (though not removing them).
  4. This is really becoming a big annoyance. Not only does it sign me out 4 times a day but every time it signs me out it resets the web clipper to store notes based on what notebook it chooses instead of just sticking them in my "inbox" like I ask it to do. At the very least this preference should be stored on their servers instead of in an expiring cookie, I find it very annoying to clip a bunch of web pages only for them to be scattered randomly about my notebooks when I ask a service not to do that.
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