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  1. I've been able to share two notebooks with a free account holder. However, prior to that, before any notebooks were shared, I had tried to share a single notebook but the invitation was never received by the free account holder (remained in pending state). However, when I created a new notebook and shared it, the invite was received (I transferred the notes from the old notebook to the new notebook and they became visible). I then shared the second (new-ish) notebook with the free account holder. That invite was received too. I don't know whether there's a versioning issue in play here (eg. no
  2. The responses above are useless. This is an appalling UI / UX experience. I have the same problem which was preceded by sending out a link (to share a notebook), then, on the target device (iPhone), clicking on that link (in an e-mail). This opens up in evernote.com which, in turn, transfers to the AppStore. Since the Evernote application has already been downloaded, 'Open' is displayed instead of 'Install'. Upon opening the application, it appears to have absolutely no knowledge of the link originally clicked on. Navigating to the 'Work Chat' (why 'Work Chat', is one not supposed to use this
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