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  1. There he goes again, adding something non-pertinent. I'm beginning to think you have nothing better to do. When I browse forums, I don't have to put my 2cents in every single thread. If there are questions I don't know the answer to, I simply do not try to answer it with something completely irrelevant.
  2. I agree that we could use less non-official Evernote reps chiming in, as all the responses of "gurus" isn't pertinent to addressing the topic question at all. For example, the first response from the guru was to abandon using my scanner altogether and instead to my desktop and then import manually. That's not the type of answers people are looking for if someone came on a Ford discussion forum looking for advice how to fix a specific mechanical problem on their vehicle, the guru would suggest taking a bus instead. Perhaps we can get the Evernote company rep, who responded prior, to see
  3. Yup, already tried this if you read the original post that's exactly what I did. tried reaching out to neat connect already as well described in a prior post above. It seems like you (Evernote the company) would have carry a lot more weight in reaching out to Neat support to have them take this problem more seriously, instead of having us as individuals brushed off by them.
  4. Good to know that they supposedly have a fix. You got a lot better response than I did from Neat - They suggested that my problem is unique implying that I'm the problem (end user error). I also cannot update to that firmware since I'm also on, so my scanner thinks it's already up to date.
  5. It is definitely an option but I'm saving that option for last resort as I bought the scanner to specifically scan directly into Evernote. Scanning to desktop and then thereafter moving into Evernote is adding a few more steps than I opted for when I went with that scanner. It probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you but the number of times I scan in docs daily (not in one batch) the convenience is a big deal to me. If it were just one time a day or week it wouldn't be a big deal.
  6. Anyone use Neat's NeatConnect Cloud Scanner to directly scan to Evernote? This had been working for me for YEARS and suddenly about two weeks ago it stopped being able to upload. I tried troubleshooting the issue by removing Evernote as a "destination" in the CloudConnect settings, and then attempted to re-add it. However, when doing that it asks me to login to Evernote in its interface and I am able to do such, it then asks me to authorize the cloudconnect for 1 year which is then also successful but then the screen has no way to proceed further and therefore no way to complete the proces
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