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  1. Didn’t know that trick with CTRL+[Sync. button], but unfortunately it's the same here: whether I go through all notes at once or individual notebooks I always get the message “No matching notes found”.
  2. Sometime last week (but unfortunately I can’t pinpoint it exactly) Evernote stopped synchronizing on my Windows 7 installation. The synchronization works fine between the Evernote website and both my Android installations and I can see all my notes in all these installations, but the Windows installation fails to synchronize most notes with this type of error: 17:46:57 [2632] 85% Submitting a batch of 725 note calls, size=5.0 MB 17:46:57 [2632] 85% * retrieving note content for batched note {A6A45240-0473-4796-9E62-F033B6554C32} 17:46:57 [2632] 85% HTTP request failed, code: 503, error: Service Unavailable 17:46:57 [3480] 85% Submitting 250 notes for writing 17:46:57 [3480] 85% Waiting for 1 base writer tasks 17:46:57 [3192] 85% Writing 250 notes 17:46:57 [4144] 85% Connecting account 17:46:57 [4144] 85% Waiting for 15 sync tasks 17:46:58 [1256] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 17:46:58 [1256] * elapsed time: 2m 15s 17:46:58 [1256] * 1130 items received I have already re-installed Evernote (several times…), and even upgraded to Evernote for Windows (303988) Prerelease. (Client info: Evernote Windows/303988 (en-US, DDL); Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 (Win64)) In both situations (official version and prerelease version) I tried to see if I could force a complete full download of all files by each time creating a new (empty) installation and then synchronize with the server, but whatever I try I keep on getting the above type of error message. I have also already deleted the trash on all installation types (online, Android, Windows) but nothing changed: same error. The HTTP error message is strange: it says “Service Unavailable” but I tested to see whether other applications (like IE and Firefox) had that problem as well at the same time, but HTTP worked fine for those applications. I checked the Evernote server status at such times as well, but again: nothing noticeable. I can keep on creating the synchronization problem, it has been baffling me now for several days. Does anybody have any ideas what might cause this and how to check other probable causes? For instance, if the problem comes down to a specific note, how can I see which note might be causing the trouble?
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