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  1. Hi @Matt W., Thanks for the reply. I signed in through google account. But in account section there is evernote email that can be changed. I wasnt aware of that so I think the sync between android application and web changed due to different evernote mail change. Can sync be recovered now? Thanks.
  2. I logged in through same gmail ID. but I saw difference in evernote account so I logout from both android device and website and again login then the evernote account became same and the sinc dissappeared.
  3. I've been using evernote on both web-page and app. I logged in through g-mail account but evernote email of website and app were different so all the sync from device were not seen on website so I logout from device and re-login after changing password. but now all the sync disappear. How can i get all my sync data?
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