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  1. Since 2013 and it's not yet present on the latest release? Please Evernote Team, please add the ability to change highlight Colors on our Evernote Apps
  2. I left Microsoft OneNote because Evernote helps me to centralize very easily my notes. But I'm missing too much this «Format Painter» and have to switch painfully between with Word/OneNote to get document formatted first and paste it on Evernote. I VOTE to add the format painter function on Evernote. I'm a programmer, and I know it's not too hard to do that, so why don't you, Evernote Developers, add it to the new release? Thank you By the way, what's the advantage of PREMIUM USERS if their feedback is not taken as priority?
  3. Do we have an update for more colors in Highlighting please? As an Evernote Premium user, we hope an improvement would be soon on this. This is very basic, so please since 2015, how many years do we still need to wait? Thanks
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