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  1. Hi, (Updated Evernote on Windows 10) I created a note and change the direction of a paragraph to right for Persian Languages that written from right to left. It's okay, but when I want to have lines with numbers (inserted manually or automatic numbered list), the number goes to the end of lines, instead of placed in the first of line where I start to write my letters after numbers and the periods that must be placed at the end of a sentence; goes to the first of lines. Does Evernote need to improve for the right to left languages to fix these problems or there's a hidden feature o
  2. Hi. Good news! Today I clipped some pages and this time web clipper works well such as before and now I can see "Related Notes" in its window! 😃. Thank you Evernote developers and whoever fix it!
  3. Hi and thank you, Bob, hope you to fix it soon and see my related notes again! 🙂
  4. As you said, I clipped a page twice and still, the problem remains. The clipper window can't find the first version of these duplicate to show in its window and just shows "no result" again!
  5. Hi. Yes, the "Show Evernote content related to my web searches" option is on. Do you mean I should try and clip a page twice to see the similarity in the second time? When everything was okay in the previous days that I told, related notes section found the pages that have in common points, not the exact context. While I'm sure some pages that I clip have similarities, but the window can't find and show them for me.
  6. Hi, Recently, whenever I clip every page of a specific website, no related pages find in web clipper window and just show "No result" as you see in below screenshot! about two weeks ago, everything was fine and okay, but see this issue in recent days and don't know why? reinstall the clipper extension in Chrome browser and didn't fix my issue to help me. Also try with another browser (new version of Edge), but nothing has changed. Chrome is up-to-date. Clipping process is fine and save those pages I want and sync is okay between devices (PC and cell), but just want to know why the clipper
  7. Actually no, I tried below pages on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, all of them failed to clip these pages. My OS is Windows 10. The last time I clipped a page was about 5 months ago until now I see this weird error that prevents me to clip a page. IE isn't giving me a clean result. When I back and check a clipped page on the Android version on my cell phone, the lines are mixed together and can't be read easily or not fit with the screen phone and need to move a page to left and right. It seems clipped by OneNote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great https://design.tutspl
  8. I installed Brave Dev and tried to clip a page, but the same error happens in this browser again! Why? if this error is a bug? if yes, why hasn't fixed yet? Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Dev failed to clip, IE's result is not clean and neat.
  9. Hi I haven't clipped pages for an almost long time and today I need to clip some pages again. But the clipper can't clip and shows "Can not connect to server" error! I tried many times and tired and disappointed with this behavior. I tried it on Chrome and most of the time I prefer to clip pages from Chrome than other browsers. IE could clip, but the result was a little different from Chrome and the page I clipped was broader than I expected! and I'm not satisfied with it. Firefox is very slow on my machine. Anyway, Chrome was great before and don't know why the clipper can't clip my page
  10. Hello If I capture a web page with just one image in its title, Evernoter chooses/shows the image as a preview image in my notes, like this page: Whatever happened to what's-his-name? (It's okay). But when I capture a web pages with many images like this Highlighter Pens: A Comprehensive Guide, Evernote doesn't choose and show its title image for its note in Notebook and pick another picture from the page for its preview / thumbnail image in its note! (it's not cool for me). How could I force Evernote to uses just title image of a web page for preview / thumbnail image in notes
  11. Those possibilities you mentioned can be caused this problem with thsoe specefic notes, I'll try uninstall/install it and this time crop image with another program except Snagit to see what will happen. If it won't work, I'll explain and ask the support. Thanks
  12. Yes, I tried both functions on the body texts, but didn't work and didn't solve the unexpeted hyperlinks. I clip the essays of that website in "Simplifed Article" method. Then I crop an image related to that essay with another program like Snagit, save and paste it in the begining of the note into Evernote, Fianlly, bold the first letters of each paragraph to recognize and see better for reading. This is just I do it; no more thing, but I don't know why the body texts change into links in Android, not Windows version. Note: If I clip a essay and don't touch it (like inserting and pasting
  13. Hi there This problem has happened recently in my Android version, especially for a website that I love its articles! (Aeon.co). I clip some its pages, when I check them in Windows version after I clipping, everything is okay as I expected, while I sync and check them in Android version, most body texts turn into links, while they are not link originally and they're just simple text. I confused why it happens and just can see in Android's Evernote version?! Fortunately, I don't have this issue for the other web pages for the other websites. Both Andr
  14. Hi Tags are perfect and they're pretty helpful when we have thousands notes and hundreds notebooks. I'd like to know 100.000 tags limit is just for all notebooks we have in one account or just for one notebook? I have Basic User. Thanks Masoud
  15. Hi (Question is about Evernote's PC version) Imagine, I’m going to change a headline, add a few tags or so on, but I think I’ve changed or deleted a word, line or even a paragraph by chance by myself!, and I don’t know what was it and where section exactly has changed, removed or edited. Also this scenario can be happen by chance, like when I left the room and somebody like a child want to play with the computer and do it without they're aware of what they're doing to my job! How can I lock my body text/article while I edit its headline, add tags, or do something else on a note
  16. Hi How many notes can I create in a Notebook folder as a Basic user? Statues bar of Evernote (PC) shows me 91 of 149 (until now I add my notes and writeting this message here!). My speed is 256kb! and seems is not a good idea to put all notes in a Notebook. Guess I will be face with some problem like slowness. I think I'd better create some Notebooks and divide my notes among them. (my notes are web pages mostly). Is it a good plan to reserve a Notebook for just 50 web pages? (each web page are 2 pages on A4 paper, not too long). Thank you
  17. Hi I'm a Basic user, if I move some notes from a notebook to another one and then sync, this operation reduces my upload amount (60 mb) or doesn't affect? Thanks
  18. You mean I can just upload 60 MB each month, not more than this amount? let's guess I won't upload anything for 3 months, and got 60 MB for each month, after 3 months, I have 180 MB space on my free account. Can I upload e.g 100 MB in a month or I still have limit to 60 MB?
  19. Hi I'm a Basic user, I want to know how much space I can use for my notes, files. Will be 60 MB add to my space each month or just have 60 MB not more until I upgrade my account to Plus or Premium? If Evernote gives me 60 MB for each month, it's fine and enough for my needs, so don't need to upgrade to Plus or Premium. Thanks
  20. As I said the saved pages (about 500 pages!) are English lessons and I need to study and repeat them regularly, especially when I go out, situations like at subway, bus, parks, on holidays. I can’t always study and check them behind the computer, so need to have them in my phone and pocket to be on hand when my PC is not available. Printing to PDF file is a good option in most of the time, but the result is not clean and exact to the original web pages completely as I see on the monitor screen and browser. Sometimes a few items of pages will be changed a bit (see and compare two
  21. Hi Mine is up to date and the latest version. can you save web pages that are store your device or computer? I don't have any problem with online pages and Web Clipper works well and save them correctly as I wish, but my problem is with the saved web pages in my PC and it doesn't capture them when I open them. I think Web Clipper and the app like it just work with online pages, not saved pages. As well I've tried Microsoft OneNote and It behaves like Web Clipper and can't capture saved pages, but it captures from Internet Explorer, not FireFox or Chrome.
  22. Hi I have lots of web pages in my computer and like to send those pages in Evernote, but Web Clipper can't capture them and ask me to reload (it means I must be online and go to the site that those web pages belongs to and refresh again and then capture it by Web Clipper. That's wasting time and boring to choose one by one in Online mode and capture it, while I have all of them. Many of them I mention, are lessons about English language, and when they were published, they were free and after few days they were changed to Premium and now they aren't available for free to read and save, so
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