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  1. I'd like to see an optional feature added to preferences wherein the user can choose to have notes open up to the last location viewed. I use hyperlinks heavily to jump between various notes, and for longer notes, it's tedious having to scroll back down to a location you were at just seconds before.
  2. Evernote is already used by many as a study, research, and creative tool. Its power as a learning acquisition tool could be drastically increased with an incremental learning tool; currently, the only other company using this method is the famed Supermemo, but its interface is far less developed than Evernote. I suggest adding an "incremental reading" option to the web-clipper tool, whereby one can highlight important text right within the web-page window, and when saved, it's grouped into a separate incremental reading notebook that provides prompts on when to continue reading articles at the place you left off. Incremental reading is one of the most powerful learning tools available to date--surprisingly, not many people know about this. Essentially, incremental reading is a method of breaking extensive knowledge resources down into component parts that can be assimilated into long-term memory in small increments. Rather than reading a twenty-page research article in a single sitting, one could break that into smaller 5-minute bites spread over a few weeks. This approach leverages the concept of "spaced repetition," which has been scientifically proven to drastically improve knowledge consolidation and recall. You can read more about incremental reading and spaced repetition here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incremental_reading
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