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  1. Some people use Evernote for their work. I myself am concerned about employee access (current and future) as I am a writer. When I am unable to access my computer or do not have pen and paper at my access, I put ideas or pages of writing (as sudden inspiration can strike anywhere) into my Evernote account. This is a concern as all works of a writer that are in their infancy stages are clearly not yet able to be copyrighted nor trademarked for the author's protection and therefore, in this situation with Evernote, this is putting the integrity of the article/piece/book at risk, as well as it is leaving the author a possible subject to someone trying to claim the author's work as their own (be it an employee of Evernote or anyone that they may recant the author's work to or make it visible to). This being the case, authors such as myself are concerned with how we are able to protect our precious work as Evernote users. Merely stating that "...no employees will be reading note content as part of this process unless users opt in" is insufficient. What security and preventative measures is Evernote currently enforcing to ensure that this is not an issue among the Evernote staff? What security and preventative measures will Evernote enforce in the future to ensure that this will not be an issue among the Evernote staff in the future? Yes, most companies do their best to hire honest and moral staff members that will uphold the integrity of the company that they work for, but realistically there have been companies that end up in the news reports and have legal actions taken against them for the immoral and/or illegal actions of their employee(s). This being the case, it would be nice to know what Evernote is currently doing in regards to this and what Evernote's future plans are. Perhaps, Evernote should offer encryption and decryption of the users notes (be it based on an opt-in option, as certainly many Evernote users will not care if employees have access to their grocery lists or to do lists). This would afford many users the opportunity to help further protect the notes they have in their Evernote accounts and provide them with a high level of confidence and trust in Evernote, and in the wake of the current privacy concerns, this would serve to restore the users faith in Evernote truly doing everything possible to ensure the highest level of privacy for the Evernote users.
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