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  1. Evernote, with all due respect to a fantastic piece of vital software in my day to day operations, I wanted to say that the lack of a night mode feature is forcing me into other applications. I've been a paying customer since 2011. The lack of response to a torrent of requests for night/dark mode gives the impression that customers aren't important. I've been a paying customer since 2011 and recently purchased Scrivener to do my writing. There isn't a specific dark theme, but it does allow you to customize the interface to my liking. Right now I'm still a paying Evernote customer, but that may soon change based on evaluation of other platforms. Again, this is spoken not as a rant but in an effort to communicate that the lack of this feature is becoming a deal breaker for me. With regards.
  2. Is there a way to create alphabetical subpoints in evernote. Currently I see numbers and bullet points. If Alphabetical isn't an option is there a way to default to bullet points rather then numerical points?
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