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  1. Evernote is very good at what he does, I would say that he is the most efficient at mixing elements within his notes, but time passes and does not evolve. If they decide, excuse me, if they have decided to eliminate the Plus of their offer, at least it seems to me that continuing to use it blindly is not the most sensible in the long term because they can change the rules of the game and I will be forced to reinvest a long time in a possible migration. What will happen in the future? Well I think the elephant will be even more voracious to the point that it ceases to be an alternative available to my pocket. In fact, the last few years have begun to chew the tail and the most likely to implode within their own digestive system. What I want to say is that access to Evernote has gone uphill and will continue to lean even more, from outside I get the impression that it is a poorly profitable company and is desperate to be what the myth said it was. So it is a good time to see alternatives to the future (today there are none), but with this decision, the motivation of other programmers to launch a more appropriate and economic alternative (such as the proliferation of password managers) will increase. Definitely this decision has taken away all security in me of keeping everything forever. By the way, I now understand that feeling of a second or third client every time the message appears that updates to premium in the Windows client. Evernote does not love me anymore.
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