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  1. Thanks for the replies. I contacted EN via chat and they confirmed there are no technical limits to the number of encryption passwords. You could conceivably have a unique one for every note. The reason I'm interested is because I've started to use EN as a personal journal. I want to encrypt each note, but it terrifies me that if a password shared between notes is compromised, I'd have to change/delete/rewrite each note individually. Your suggestion is basically what I'm doing - each password shares a similar structure, salted with some info in the note title/tags that differentiates them.
  2. Given the recent news surrounding EN's privacy policy changes (although they have dialed them back since), I have been looking in to using encryption within my notes for the first time. Personally, I don't keep much confidential information in EN, but I do use it as a daily journal, so I would prefer to have that information private. My question is in regards to the encryption of text within a note. When I choose to encrypt a note, it prompts me for a password. So for note 1, I enter an encryption password. Now, when I go to encrypt text in note 2, I can enter the same password as note 1, or I can enter a new password for note 2 that is different than note 1 (this is not recommended by EN). My question: Is there a limit to how many unique encryption passwords I am allowed to have? Could I conceivably use a different encryption password for every note? All 100k of them that I am allowed as a user? Or will I eventually run in to trouble somewhere with this? Thanks in advance for your help.
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