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  1. Same issue here as well. There are 50+ users having the same issue in a different thread from June of 2015
  2. I am likewise getting very frustrated. I love Evernote, but in the past several weeks I am suddenly getting the popup pictured above EVERY TIME I OPEN A PDF! (Yes, those are shouty capitals). "Did you know that you can clip PDF's directly to your Evernote account?" Yes, I know I can use the webclipper. I would not have installed the app if I didn't know what it did. I don't need a reminder on every new web page - I would have expected one pop up when I first installed, but it has been months since install and the constant pop up issue is new. It is very, very disruptive to my work flow as a researcher to have to close this box every time I go to a new site (I have also tried clicking "try it out" even when I don't want to clip the page. The popup just keeps on showing up. I would ignore it, but it blocks what I am trying to look at. I don't see any reason for Evernote to use pop up's at all. Y'all are great - I know you can do this. I have faith in you. Please make it stop.
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