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  1. The minute I saw that Evernote was going to let their employees read my notes, and after I opted out this dumb idea, I began the process of getting all my data off of Evernote and onto another service.  Since then, Evernote has retracted this policy, sort of.  We are informed that a "new" privacy policy is being cobbled together, as we speak.

    I was shocked to see that, at the outset, Evernote would even consider that it was a good idea to tell people that they intended their employees to be able to read my notes and we would have to 'opt-out' of this policy, a policy that allows 20 somethings to sit around and snoop through my personal data.  Allowing ANY employee to sift through our data is a recipe for disaster.  Only people who have never worked for organizations of any size would deny that such access would lead to abuse. "Hey Fred, check out what this guy put in this note....can you believe it...I'll send you the link," or "Boy, this guy has some good information I could use.'  Deny this fact, and you've lost all credibility with me and all other people who have worked for companies with more than a handful of people. I put sensitive, personal, financial, and "none-of-your f***ing-business" data in Evernote. That the Evernote people had to be reminded and scolded about this boggles my mind.

    Under NO circumstances will I ever grant such access to Evernote, or any comparable service. For me, though, this is a moot point: I started my getaway after the initial privacy announcement. The retraction is just damage control and convinces me that this issue will come up again. We now know what their vision for Evernote is, and it's not good for users.

    You have lost my trust.

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