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  1. As context, I got Evernote free on my Note 3 some time back, only started using it recently on a serious basis (was using other product). However I find I am unable to get my basic account information. Have my email id but it all leads to dead-ends. First thing I want to know is my entire account information As a second step, I also want to sync with Android notes with my laptop. But when I tried to ldo this, laptop software does not recognise my Notes in my Android device. Tried to log a support ticket, it says it will send an email however the promised email did not come through Its a complete mess.. and so am on the verge of giving up and just using something like Memo or Window OneNote. Just thought would give it one final try to see if I can get help Let me know if you can help, you really should publish something about how you arrange account information and also sync Regards Ash (ash.athawale@gmail.com)
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