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  1. http://www.livescribe.com/en-us/faq/online_help/Maps/Connect_Desktop/c_viewing-and-playing-a-pencast-pdf.html I'm interested in this as I just got the pen, but I'm more focused on auto-creating calendar events from the notes that drop into Evernote. Having this free program to play the audio files will be important from a historical backup point of view... perhaps a player can be run concurrently during the day at the office, but no volume, to create mp4 files on your desktop.. if a long or important meeting or lecture that you want to be universally accessible in the future etc...
  2. The "pencasts" cannot be exported from the Livescribe ap in any format. Just got the pen and so far I'm finding that the company (or Evernote) refuses to implement the very basic function of allowing one to draw a checkbox next to the words "Schedule:" or "Meeting:" and have Evernote's auto-retreival and auto-conversion of those real time meeting notes into google calendar events. I want to be able to setup an event in a meeting as Im thinking of it, with a pen, and have that meeting auto-fill in my team's google calendar in real-time. So far setup is stalled because the Livescribe to Evernote (with TaskClone permissions) makes me have to o back into Evernote and manually add a checkbox to everything I want to hae scheduled as an event. "What's the big deal?!" ... my team is 65-70 yr old Realtors who can use a pen and write certain words in a certain order, but they can't type or use software, yet I need them to be more organized with our clients... Any help!?
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