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  1. Actually I tried the font decreasing/increasing shorcut keys (Ctrl+Shift+, and Ctrl+Shift+.) for selected text but it doesnt work as I expected. It changed the whole selected text to same font size. It is the same as changing whole text size to same specific size and not changing different font sizes to different decreased/increased sizes of selected text. Still need that functionality.
  2. Thanks both of you ,especially @CalS. This is really nice tip and can work for me.
  3. I dıdnt know this functıonal'ty already exists. It doesnt have to be a button in the UI, but the functionality. if the function exists it is enough for me, but if there will be buttons for it it can be very useful for fast text editing like MSWord.
  4. Hi, I didnt mean that. I mean changing the size of only selected text in the note.Not changing the zoom.
  5. Hi, It would be great if we can increase/decrease selected text font size with plus/minus button. I always looking for this button when editing content. Thanks
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