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  1. I'm seeing the exact same results on Fedora 24 Gnome Shell with Chrome 56.0.2924. Latest Firefox is OK, but Chrome is struggling to display the notebook view. It actually paints the list initially, but the items then disappear as you scroll down (yeah, I have a lot of notebooks). Where I come from if a third-party product causes your product to not work properly "its a [name of 3rd party product here] problem" usually doesn't cut it. So does "[vendor] doesn't support [name of operating system]". Unless the operating system is Solaris :-). But then I'm in enterprise IT where, as we say, "there's no escape". I've often raved about how well Evernote's web interface works compared to OneNote's (the latter is... abysmal). But this is making Evernote hard to use. I've temporarily switched over to NixNote2, but that continues to have issues with special characters (like bullet points, which it tries and fails to render as some kind of ASCII text). At least it's good to know I'm not the only one having this problem.
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