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  1. Using fujitsu evernote scanner. Up until upgrading to sierra, all scans defaulted to the correct note (doc) type and that dictated which folder the scan went to. For example, receipts go to an expensify notebook, documents to an evernote notebook. Seems like the scanned file name (until you change it) tells you what type of doc scanned, i.e. document, receipt, photo. The problem with everything defaulting to a "photo" type scan is that scanning a multiple page document creates multiple files and not a multipage file. Then you have to merge the multiple notes into a single note. Again, this started happening once upgrading to sierra using the fujitsu scanner evernote edition. Per Aisha_Aslam note, I'm resetting the profile in scansnap manager to "document". I'll know in the morning if this works and will post result. Thanks for your help.
  2. Since upgrading to Sierra, all my scans are photo doc types versus receipts or documents. Any way to fix this?
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