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  1. Agreed. I have the same problem. I can only get the pictures to work using an older EN version.
  2. I find the "Notes and Notebooks" window in Spaces to badly designed. It really needs more viewing options. I miss the "card view" which allows me to see a thumbnail of the note and the note itself. Thumbnails coupled with a view of the note give me the visual cues I need to find notes. As designed, I don't know if I've found the right note short of opening it. Having to open a note, (or perhaps two or three) before finding the correct note creates just enough extra steps that eliminates much of the value of Spaces. I realize that some new users might prefer a more "Dropbox-like" interface, but that defeats one of the main benefits of Evernote- intuitive recall of notes.
  3. I like the "Pinned Notes" window in Evernote Business (Mac). I had a few problems in my first test of the feature (Initially, no "Done" button). I would like one other feature. It would be nice to re-arrange the order of the pinned notes in the window by drop and drag. Also, I organized my notebooks with a "Table of Contents" note that has a blank date reminder. This forces the note to the top of the reminder list. Clumsy perhaps, but this feature disappears from the notebook when viewed in Spaces. I'm currently pinning these "Table of Contents" notes in the "Pinned Notes" window.
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