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  1. I like how all posts need to be approved by a moderator on here. I think thats pretty telling of the reaction to this proposed policy change and then the back-pedal this is. Anyhow... For most of you folks singing praise, Im pretty amazed that you honestly believe that this is the end of this privacy violation. Its pretty clear that the seniors at EN felt that most people wouldn't likely even read the proposed policy change let alone buck and whinge at it as much as has happened. Issue here is this isn't done. Data is king in the modern era. Collecting, sorting, organizing, analyzing and then selling that data raw or just the potential of targeted ads/etc are much too great for most companies to ignore. Because of that, you can bet that there will be a bunch of lawyers re-doing this policy and finding loophole language in some way to accomplish the same thing as "employees reading/accessing your data". This "retraction" shouldn't be praised at all. Flat out, the blatant disregard for privacy proposition shouldn't have happened to begin with to even warrant this retraction. This is damage control, nothing more, nothing less. The users have not "won" any sort of victory here. This proposition will come back but hidden by some comfortable euphemism the legal experts come up with to misdirect and normalize the collection of your data. Google does it, Microsoft does it, Facebook does it, they all do it in some way, and because they have better lawyers to find the right legalese to type that makes you overlook whats actually going on, most folks pay no mind to it. I got EN free for a few months with my new phone. Its cool, handy, has some good features, some...eh...but honestly, I dont trust the company. Especially after this. There are other alternatives out there, other methods to achieve the same functions as this system can provide, and they dont harass you for upgrading your subscription or pester you to make use of new features or functions you don't want regularly. Data is king and your data and the money that can be made off it far outweighs the revenue generated by subscription fees. You can rest assured that EN will find some method to monetize it with your consent whether you realize that or not. Maybe a default auto opt-in, or even convoluted and confusing privacy settings (ahem...Facebook), one way or another they know what they have with you saving your data on their systems and they will find a way to make money from it because they can.
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