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  1. Cool. Thanks for the quick turnaround and update. This was seriously stressing me out. In the future, I hope that such drastic changes in Evernote's privacy policy are floated by the user-community for discussion and careful consideration instead of being announced out of the blue like this. Corporate privacy policies to live by: 1. User consent (or warrant) should be required for access to any user notes or personal info. 2. "Opt-in" is always preferred to "opt-out". Feel free to convince us how great a new feature is, but never force users to adopt where it can be avoided. Quite simple, really. Stick to those principles and you'll avoid a LOT of drama and potential financial loss.
  2. Even an anonymized review of intellectual property is harmful! Evernote's CEO fails to grasp the reality that many of us have: proprietary ideas trademarks other intellectual property that, even with user anonymization, would be violated if anyone beside the content creator were to view it without express permission from the creator or a warrant. Even a hand-picked and vetted Evernote employee can't simply forget a novel and engaging idea, phrase, invention, or logo should they come across it. What if they accidentally disclose an idea that they came across in their "anonymized data" but late forget the source and then post it on social media (perhaps even thinking innocently it was their own idea to begin with!). This doesn't make them evil, just human. No user data should be viewed by anyone without user permission or a warrant. Period. Is Evernote and all of its employees going to abide by the NDR I would normally expect others to sign before viewing my intellectual property? Ridiculous, unnecessary, and bad business. I will be preparing to leave Evernote until this policy is changed and employee access (sans a warrant, of course) to my content is revoked (or I am given the option to opt-out of said employee access).
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