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  1. Feedback for Evernote Web New vs Old. 1. Folders arrangement of New won by a landslide. For Evernote user Folders should be top3 important attributes, to classify data. 2. Folders in Old are clear like windows style easy to find all the folder to form a mind map. But folders in New are flashing around. I cannot remember how many folders in one glance. I have to click and click and click. 1. You must ask why not download Windows or Mac version. More and more company address web security. Many users just cannot download Evernote for Windows or Mac. 2. I really thank Evernote gave us such a good cross platform Note service. Thanks. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. But I seldom to see web application to release New version is worse than the Old version. Good Example like Chrome is changing to a better place for more convenience. Bad Example like Windows software giant create monster windows vista(ouch). 3. When I find a way to change back old version, I almost cried happily and really want to used it heavily and not surrender to Windows Onenote. Thanks
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