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  1. I think people are missing the bigger picture here and EN needs to probably go a little more in depth on the data collection part. * Machine learning is the next phase in computers and the internet. AI startups and even big businesses are throwing resources behind AI to make user experience much better. I applaud the direction EN is going in making our notes and lives more organized. People don't realize if you're a company that hosts and serves data, if AI isn't on your roadmap, you're going to fall behind the other companies already using it. * The critics calling this an invasion of privacy need to realize there are two methods of AI machine learning. The Apple way and the Google way. Apple is anonymizing (sort of) the data you feed them through Siri and other iCloud services. The tradeoff is that Apple can't really build a profile on you and make suggestions on your personal life, media, etc. The Google route scans everything you put into it and builds a better understanding of who you are and can give you more accurate results. The tradeoff is that Google sees everything and the trust is that they aren't sharing it with any government agencies. Which leads me to my last point on a suggestion for Evernote. * Be up front about your privacy policy and will the data in your AI project be shared with outside parties (businesses? government agencies? police agencies?) if asked? Ensure users know that access is limited to only those with the right permissions and nobody outside of that group can see the data. Detail security process and make it reassuring to users this point.
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