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  1. I am stunned by the new privacy policy's authorization of employees to read notes. I've just convinced my department to implement Evernote for sharing files and information, collaborating on materials, and documenting meetings. I had plans to move from a set of individual Premium accounts on a month by month license to an annual business license. Not now. I've used Evernote myself for many, many years (I have over 14,000 individual notes). The idea that I will now have to go back and encrypt each note that I consider sensitive is simply unrealistic. The fact that I can't opt out (of having people read note content) feels like a betrayal. I trusted the company to protect my privacy. Now I can trust them to violate it, on purpose, for profit. There are other ways to gather the kind of information Evernote seeks. There are opt-in models and user panel approaches that some of us would join if we could specify notebooks that were to be subject to scrutiny. This isn't the only way to get the job done. I'm hoping there will be enough backlash from long-term users that Evernote will change it's mind about this and quickly. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to cancel all of our department's subscription (and eat a bit of crow) and move to OneNote . . . which we've used and not liked, but at least Microsoft doesn't authorize it's employees to read our notes.
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