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  1. If the data was encrypted, Evernote wouldn't need to fight government subpoenas. They could legitimately state that the data is encrypted and they don't have access to it. This is how other tech companies including Apple handle it. By having access to unencrypted files you will open yourself up to even more subpoenas. While we are talking about laws, what about EU data protection laws? I have a right to have my account completely deleted and all my data deleted, yet Evernote only allow me to deactivate my account. The official guide says to deactivate your account then contact Evernote to request deletion, but you can't open up a support ticket with a deactivated account and there's no email address to contact them. It makes it impossible to delete your data, which is a violation of privacy laws across the EU.
  2. That just tells us how to deactivate the account The "optional" step to delete the data afterwards doesn't work - the link to contact them just leads to a generic help page
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