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  1. First of.. thanks for hearing us and reconsidering. However: I'll have to leave anyway. After 7 Years of Premium. Thanks though for refunding my already paid premium fee. Since your announcement yesterday i came to realize how dependent I am of you NOT changing your privacy policy. Yesterday I did my research on alternatives and although there are some... nothing comes even close. But regardless of the alternative... Evernote does store information in a rather cryptic structure on my hard drive. Other then for example most email programs with similar amounts of data do, the structure
  2. I'm very very sorry, but the new privacy statement (as well as all the FAQ Updates regarding) is far far FAR to vague. Sure, there are examples given... but these make me even more frustrated with how Evernote Corp handles the issue. Just to give any worst-case scenario as an example is not enough to illustrate the boundaries of what it means to access my private data "in order to keep the service running and/or improve it". I can pretty much imagine that every single employee working with Evernote Corp is dedicated to keep either Evernote running smoothly or improving it. It does not help in
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