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  1. Thanks for hearing us and responding quickly. We're still in an awkward position here: the fact that you made this decision in the first place, even though you reversed it, calls into question how you're making decisions regarding privacy and whether you've really thought through the implications of a change like this. I urge you to hire an expert in these matters, or loop in someone from your team who is already familiar with them if you haven't already. I know we privacy and security nuts can be a pain in the rear, but we have good reasons for it! It may be true that the vast major
  2. This change to your policy is absolutely unacceptable. I've trusted Evernote for years with very sensitive information thanks to its support for 2-factor authentication and HTTPS over the web app - hundreds of notes that contain private and proprietary information about clients and their data. I've relied on Evernote to uphold that trust. It has been the best option for keeping these notes on hand regardless of where I am or what device I'm using, and this policy completely undermines that. I don't care how well-credentialed and background-checked your list of authorized employees are; the
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