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  1. Premium user here. I'm having a problem (unrelated to this), and I'm trying to contact support. But that's causing a new problem: it's impossible to contact support because the Evernote website keeps presenting me with a bug each time I attempt to load the contact form, and the bug causes an infinite look asking me to sign in, then appearing again. The error message says, "Unexpected error. Our server has experienced difficulties processing your request (/SupportLogin.action). You may need to sign into your account to access this page." The problem is: it says this even when I'm signed in. The
  2. I am a Premium member. I have a large .enex file (8.9 GB) that contains all my notes from a previous account over many years. It's very important to me. I exported the .enex from my old account a while ago, and Evernote was just fine letting me export all the notes into one large .enex file. Only now I'm trying to open that file in Evernote again to import all the notes, and I'm getting an error that says, "This action exceeds the 200MB limit. Please reduce the size of the file you're importing or upload fewer files at once." First of all, I was not aware that there was a 200MB limit. My acco
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