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  1. Unfortunately it looks like after being an Evernote user for eight years, I need to find an alternative: 1) You tell people to store everything (tax forms, receipts, travel itineraries, etc) in Evernote 2) You offer no worthwhile encryption/security for notes that are created with your service 3) You change the pricing models of your service without thinking about existing or long term customers 4) You method of notification for moving the backend services to AWS is via Twitter instead of EMAILING PAYING customers that service might be disrupted. 5) Now you are expanding the people on your staff that can access customer data. And we're supposed to be ok with potential Evernote employees viewing items from point #1. And do not say you'll have safe guards in place that prevent this. History has shown that will not be the case. So now I look for an alternative before my subscription renews, because apparently Evernote no longer cares about their product but only the income they can generate from their customers.
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