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  1. Hello, I have been paying for Evernote for a little over a year, and let me say, up to this point I have been blown away. Hands down the best way I have come across for taking notes and maintaining some organization in my life. Great job guys.... At least up until this point. The recent change in privacy policy is perplexing. This is an extremely short sighted move that seems to demonstrate a complete misunderstanding of who your users are, and how they use your platform. I get it. You need to innovate, and machine learning is the "hot thing" in tech right now. However the way you are implementing this is mind boggling. But who cares right? I am just one person, and the loss of my monthly subscription fee will not affect your company in the slightest. However, you need to understand that this is quite a bit bigger than just one person. I am an engineer at a fortune 500 company. For the last year, I have been one of Evernote's biggest advocates within my organization. Up until this point, I have received little to no push-back from higher up to use the "officially supported" OneNote. However after this policy change goes into effect, I (and all of the others I have convinced to switch) will be returning to OneNote. Its not something we want to do. Trust me. However this change leaves us with literally no other choice. Our notes necessarily contain proprietary information that can not be allowed to be perused by any person that Evernote deems appropriate. LOVE the platform. But not enough to place my job security on the line. I sincerely hope that whoever is at the wheel here wakes up, and soon. There are ways to do this, guys. Give your users (to which you owe your success thus far) the choice to opt out entirely. Can't do that? Fine. Then at least get a fire under you and implement web client based encryption (not really sure what the hold up is with this, as it has been a popular feature request for over a year). In a time when large companies are going out of their way to protect the sacred data of their users, Evernote is forging ahead in the complete opposite direction. This is absolutely absurd for a company whose sole product is essentially a digital diary. Shame on you for doing so little to protect those who have supported you up until this point. But that's enough of a rant, in this world you have to vote with your wallet. I sincerely hope that this mistake is corrected quickly. However until that occurs, your monthly payments will be flowing into Microsoft's coffers. Hope to be back aboard again soon. Really.
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