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  1. Is there somewhere we should post about bugs or issues with it?
  2. Yep, I put 00 in front of the title so I can keep it on top if I sort alphabetically I just prefer the last use order typically. I also have started a Index Notebook putting them all in that. So yes there are work a-rounds
  3. I'd like to be able to sticky a card to the top of a notebook, yes I can create a tag and use that to find the card, however it would be helpful to have a index or title card at the top of my notebooks to find something quickly that is in the notebook without have to search. It'd be one click to the card versus having to type what I'm looking for and then goto the card. Use case: I have a list of websites that I need to review weekly. Sticky card links to the individual cards on those sites, I like having the over all card as I can type quick notes so I know where I am with this task and then quickly goto the site card for the detailed information. Keeps my notes much cleaner. (Feel free to merge this if it's already out there, couldn't find it with a quick search of the forum.)
  4. This is no longer necessary for an email to be auto created, your web app doesn't do it, Thunderbird allows for copying the email address so it is possible on windows software. This is extremely time consuming when email address need to be copied clean. It's a total pita. Please keep up with current web development. Thanks!
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