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  1. Appalling! I am certain that there are methodologies that are able to select random snippets of text for human verification, eliminating the propensity of some humans to satiate voyeuristic tendencies that were unbeknownst to them before you granted them the solemn power to peek into the private lives of unsuspecting humans. Did you polygraph these employees and run through background checks that include psychological evaluations? Or does your executive board trust its judgment on character, willy nilly? From an ethics standpoint, you are not entitled to take such liberties with the private information of individuals that never intended for other humans to read their information at will. From a controls standpoint, I suspect that you are not setup to grant employees such power; note that exercising internal executive oversight is not an adequate safeguard. Here's a thought: either find alternative ways to improve the technology, or institute internal controls that ensure transparency and accountability by, for example, instituting external audits and collecting and disclosing meaningful data on the kinds of information your employees access. Otherwise, I am afraid that you may irreparably errode customer trust. - A very disappointed customer.
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