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  1. Well hi again! Thanks so much. Such speedy responses and just what i need to know.
  2. Hi! New to Evernote. I need to figure out how to do the following in Evernote Web on my PC or Evernote on my iPad. Either one. 1. Import more fonts (7 fonts total?) 2. Increase margin space. Where are my margins? I need to make marginalia. 3. View notebooks as... notebooks. 4. Add custom notebook covers... if you can do #3. 5. Figure out how to write marginalia in the margins.. if you can do #2. By this i do not mean typing.. i mean actually writing on my ipad in the margins. Is there an app affiliated with Evernote to do this? If not, what is another app.
  3. Dear Evernote members, I am new to Evernote. What drew you to Evernote? How has Evernote impacted your life? I would like to know how it can help me. I love to use a planner, journal, and i do extensive research. I primarily use an Ipad Pro. I need to annotate as well as organize all the research as well as collaborate. What benefits would joining premium afford me? I would love to know the file types that can be migrated to Evernote. I want to use Evernote but i need lots of data. Hit me with it. CGT
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