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  1. HI, I solve very similar issue. I use Evernote on my corporate cell phone that I have to reset quite often due to some tests that I do from time to time. Therefore I have to reinstall Evernote and many other applications quite often. And every time I have to disable the two-factor authentication and then enable it again, includint the SMS re-verifications and new backup codes regeneration. - I don´t mind about the new set of backup codes. I simply generate a new set of them and print/save them. - I DO mind about the re-verification of other cell phones with SMS. I would like to be able to just scan another QR code and set up my Google Authenticatior (G.A.) from a scratch. For example with gmail I do have such an option - to just scan the QR code and save it in the G.A. Is it possible somehow? Will it be possible in the future? Thanks Tomas
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