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  1. I haven't tried Chrome but do use Firefox occasionally. Just loaded the Web Clipper there and it works fine! So it seems to be a Safari 7 issue? Looks like I need to switch browsers. I think I can get Chrome for 10.9. A slight pain, but certainly do-able. Thanks for the help!
  2. I am on Mac OS 10.9.5, Safari 7, Clipper 6.10.2 I know my OS and Safari are a bit older, but I need to leave them as-is for now. (Thanks, Apple.) And it worked fine until last week. I didn't change anything, just opened Safari one day and it doesn't work now?
  3. So does this explain why Web clipper isn't working at all this past week? The only threads I can find on the topic are a couple years old. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, everything I can think of? When I click the button, nothing happens. Also when opening pdfs on the web, I no longer see the automatic message "save to evernote." ??
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