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  1. Interesting ... thanks for letting us know. I think Evernote is generally falling behind on innovative ideas. People use iOS much much more than they used to and tools to help workflows need to stay at the forefront. Yes, EN may be a fully searchable database of everything you’ve ever done. But it’s ***** if you can’t even put everything you do into it!!!
  2. Hi everyone, this clipper thing for iPad seems pretty basic? I would like to save either pics or selected text from websites or bookmark sites directly to Evernote. I’m doing a refurb project so need to track ideas, suppliers, products etc. to Am I missing something in how 8m using Evernote? I have premium if it makes a difference I know ther are some die hard Evernote fans out there, but is there a better app that i could use to quickly collect this type of information? I usually browse on the go, so am usually using iPhone or iPad. Thanks all!
  3. Seems like there is still no solution to this? As an example, when I'm emailing from my iPhone and need to attach 2 pictures from Evernote, I can't select the "add attachment" menu because that only opens up iCloud drive. Is there anyway for it to open up Evernote instead? Evernote seems a bit overhyped when really simple things mean employing a huge workaround (email to myself, open email, save to iPhone photos or iCloud Drive, go back to composing my email and THEN I can use iCloud Drive to "add attachment". Why dont i just give up Evernote premium and just pay for iCloud Drive???
  4. One thing this whole saga has taught me - don't read a few headline privacy terms and assume that encryption is standard!! When I upgraded to Premium, I assumed that private notes, personal stuff and Evernote went hand-in-hand. How on earth as a company like Evernote get away with not having encryption as standard and my data in total lockdown? I'm very happy that EN have decided to have a rethink but I want more. I still want total encryption so all my personal data, financial data, business data, ideas, thoughts, IP is all protected. I want to make it very difficult for even government agencies to get hold of my data. One thing Mr Snowden showed us was that government snooping is sometimes just that - snooping because they can snoop. Please lock my data down and keep giving me improvements and you'll have a customer for life. Without these two things, I have zero loyalty. I'll make use of the portability as soon as someone gives me total lockdown.
  5. Just researching this whole privacy thing (please bear with me...bit new to all his and I don't have a tech background).... why don't I just use google drive? It seems to be good value, says the traffic and website is encrypted. Does that mean my notes/data are encrypted also? Seems like the answer to Evernote's dubious pathway. Sure, I'd maybe miss some features but for basic note storing and PDF storage surely google drive is the way to go?
  6. I also want entire notebook encryption. It simply cannot Be that difficult to offer. Based on this new privacy policy communication, I will not renew my premium subscription. I've paid you for using your app, presumably that also covers server space, so why do you suddenly think it's ok to go snooping in my data...fo some poorly defined reason? It's my data. I created it and you can't see it. Period.
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