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  1. PNG attachments (mostly screen shots) show up as very small, barely visible icons whereas before it was the full image. I highlighted the same issue for EN IOS as well. Please EN either go back to the full view or at least provide the option similar to PDFs where you can view document or view as attachment.
  2. @Shane D. any update on being able to see full scale PNG attachments? Thanks
  3. Actually, in the response from Anderson A. at evermote that i attached earlier he does explicitly say it was a feature that is no longer supported "After consulting with our Senior Advisors it appears that this support is no longer available in the Android version of Evernote"
  4. In the next few weeks, my team and I will begin parallel testing OneNote to ensure it meets everyone's needs. After testing is complete, we will share our conclusions with the other teams.
  5. Not only did I send an email to evernote support but also chated with someone as well and this was the response and suggestion until it's fixed, if it ever is. I have spent the last couple days looking at OneNote and really like what I have seen. Unfortunately Evernote lost focus and got behind the innovation curve and perhaps with a new CEO they may find there way back but frankly I don't see how they can keep up with Microsoft that has been running full tilt as of late. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Up until a yesterday I was able to open docx files in WPS Office make edits or annotations and save the file back to evernote. Today, however, when I attempt to do this the message "Resource not changed" appears. I reinstalled evernote, WPS office and restarted the device but no luck. This along a a few other items makes it appear Evernote is getting tired and not being kept up.
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