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  1. I'd been considering returning to using Evernote as my primary note-taking app, and logged back into my old account the other day. I've tried to come to terms with the privacy policy and to consider it a trade-off for Evernote's features, but when I tried to start using the app again, I kept finding myself thinking whether I'd want people to see what I was writing and if it's worth encrypting. It was a bit like the uncomfortable feeling of working with someone peering over your shoulder. It's silly and maybe a bit paranoid, but I don't want to feel like that about an app that I'd ideally be using every day. I'm not going to be using Evernote again unless they create encrypted notebooks.
  2. I'm thinking about returning to Evernote, but concerns about the privacy of my personal data is what's keeping me using Apple Notes instead. If Evernote allowed us to make encrypted notebooks, I'd become a paying customer immediately.
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