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  1. Up to ver 6.5.4 searching was wonderful! entering a search term in the search box at the top of the notes stack, would list the notes that contained the search terms. clicking on a note would display the note ** and slide down the note to the location of the 1st instance of the search term **. Then the next version came out. Since then, the search merely displays the note, but the slider remains at the top of the page. A "profile setting" would be good. this way mobile phones would scroll around... but desktops, laptops, tables would be free to do so. Please restore this functionality. I've installed each update since then, only to uninstall them and re-install 6.5.4.
  2. im a developer using FF. i found that when using private browsing mode, clipper doesnt work. im kind of suprised at evernote's use of cookies, but anyway... when i go to normal browsing mode, clipper works. kicker is, i usually use private browsing mode. i suspect many of your users do as well.
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