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  1. Up to ver 6.5.4 searching was wonderful! entering a search term in the search box at the top of the notes stack, would list the notes that contained the search terms. clicking on a note would display the note ** and slide down the note to the location of the 1st instance of the search term **. Then the next version came out. Since then, the search merely displays the note, but the slider remains at the top of the page. A "profile setting" would be good. this way mobile phones would scroll around... but desktops, laptops, tables would be free to do so.
  2. im a developer using FF. i found that when using private browsing mode, clipper doesnt work. im kind of suprised at evernote's use of cookies, but anyway... when i go to normal browsing mode, clipper works. kicker is, i usually use private browsing mode. i suspect many of your users do as well.
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