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  1. Yes, it should. The problem is....it doesn't! And by the time I've clicked back to the home screen my notes are already lost, so...this suggestion doesn't help.
  2. I don't see a sync button anywhere when I've got the note open in iOS...
  3. This is a crazy problem for an app that's only job is to save notebooks, but the iOS version of Evernote that I'm using just isn't saving my stuff. I open the app, type something in one of my notes, then push the home button and go into another app, and when I come back to Evernote, the stuff I wrote is gone. Or I simply go back to the Evernote main screen and then tap back into my note and the stuff I just wrote isn't there. The only solution I've found so far is to copy whatever I've written, close out of the note, and then open it again; if whatever I just wrote wasn't saved I paste it back
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